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Actual Testimonials From Customers Who Used Firmestra For Natural Breast Enlargement!

The testimonials below are real, and the spelling and sentence structure has not been changed to maintain the integrity of these testimonials. Misspelled words and incorrect sentence structure has not been corrected. All testimonials are kept safe and private in our main office should any agency such as the FDA ever need verification.

The following are breast enlargement testimonials that were emailed or mailed to our company from customers who have taken Firmestra breast pills.

Firmestra is really working!  I could tell after three weeks that my breasts were getting fuller. After 8 weeks, my breasts have grown 1/2 cup size and I'm still not done with my program. I have noticed that my sex drive has also improved. My best friend is going to order a six month supply.

I now fit into a 36C bra. I used to wear a 34B. My sex drive is almost in overdrive, as my husband says. I didn't say anything to him about what I was taking and when I told him, he was being supportive and enjoying my breasts and sex drive. At times I've almost exhausted him. I absolutely love my new look and the fact that my breasts are 100% real!

My wife has reached 34 C and it looks like she is still growing. Thanks so much for your amazing herbal formula. It has made all the difference in her confidence and we are both happier with our sex life now. She also had no adverse side-effects which was wonderful.

I was very impressed with the results I got from Firmestra. I was fuller within the first 60 days for sure and now I am bigger in size, but the best thing I have gotten out of it is feeling better about myself! I'm so glad I didn't spend the money for breast surgery! I feel like I did when I was 19! Wow thanks so much for making me feel like myself again!

I have been on Frmestra for 4 months, and my breasts are bigger than ever! I first started at 34A, now I am happy to say I have grown to full 36B's. I am very happy with my results, but I still wish to reach a full 36C. Your product is the best!

I'm 48 years old, have been taking Firmestra for over 6 months now and my breasts are fuller than when I was 30. My cup runneth over and I'm not complaining! This product is a winner and I will tell all my friends about it!

I am 47 (soon to be 48) I've lost about 15 lbs in the last 6 months thru exercise and diet-I've lost several inches pretty much everywhere! I lost 2 inches in my breast area. I've taken Firmestra for 5 months now and I have gained back the 2 inches in my breasts, but nowhere else. I love my new body! Even my friends have noticed and complimented me on how great I look!

I have had great results so far. I have added a full cup size. I think your product is wonderful!

This is the first product that had helped me in 15 years, I feel like a woman again. Thank you very much for Firmestra. My bust increased in size by 2 cup sizes and my results have remained permanent for 2 years now!

I didn't think it was going to work but I love the results. The results are great, I'd tell my friends about this product. I was an A+ cup size and now in just 12 weeks, they're a full B, and I feel they're still growing. I look forward to a full C cup.

I had lost alot of size and fullness after breastfeeding my child, but thanks to firmestra, I have gained back everything I had before and then some.

My breasts have grown so much since I took Firmestra. I have gone from a 34B to a 34C and my breasts are still growing.

I tried another breast pill before yours...it did not work at all and it gave me headaches. With your product I went from a 32 C to a 32 D in 90 days. Firmstra is a great product!  

Firmestra has truly lived up to its promises so far. Within the first week of taking it I noticed my boobs were more tender, so I knew it was working. I was so excited! Now I am proud to say that I am a very full A, maybe even a B cup after taking the product for 1 month. I can't wait to see how much more they'll change.

I really have noticed a difference. This was actually a trial basis that my friends and I were looking into. I must say I am impressed!!

My boyfriend loves that fact that I do not feel self-concious anymore. I'm happy that I can wear tanktops and swim suits and not look completely flat chested.

Your product has worked wonders on my sagging breasts. They are more firm and lifed now. It only took 4 months to see this change.

My boobs are more firm and not so saggy! I breast fed all five of my children and Firmestra has helped me get my breasts back to what they looked like when I was younger.

First of all I would like to compliment you on your choice of employees. Sarah is a first rate person. I really enjoyed talking with her and sharing my success with your product. She is kind, helpful and has a great personality. Your product has "opened new doors" for me. My libido has increased considerably. I have always enjoyed being with my husband, but now I have reached new heights thanks to your product. With our busy lives and countless number of obligations, sometimes a person can get quite tired. Your product helps me overcome that (and more, I might add.) Thanks very much for putting a quality product out there that really does what you say it will do. I feel great! This is the aspect that I am concerned with in this product. I like my figure the way it is and I just feel so good when I take Firmestra. But, please let women know...get the message out...Firmestra not only increases your breast size, but it really makes your sex life more satisfying.

GREAT!!! After just 30 days of your product, I now have a better sex drive, and a real noticable fullness in my breasts. I will never have to purchase PUSH UP Bra's again,,WOW!!!

This is a great sex pill. Female Viagra, with no bad side-effects! I have also gained 3 inches around my boobs!!!

I can feel the difference all over my body. Within 2 months, my breasts are very firm, as if they are at their fullest in their current size. My drive is also increased and my orgasms are much more intense.

Thank you for the increased bust. I started out a C cup, after 90 days on Firmestra I am a D cup. I am very happy with the results and plan to continue at least another 90 days, and maybe more. It is beyond my expectations. I am now a true believer that it can be done and Firmestra is fantastic!!!! :)

I was very skeptical when I ordered, but I was hoping for a small chance it would work. I was amazed within 30 days to feel tenderness and fullness and have increased my bust by 1 inch in less than 60 days, so I'm ordering another 60 day supply. This is a godsend to so many women who have lost firmness over the years. Thanks so much.

Before Firmestra I had tried creams, which did not work. In only 3 months Firmestra is helping me in my sex life and I increased my breast size 2". This is the first product that showed real changes, before I tried 5 different products on the market for breast enlargement for more than 3 months each without any positive result. Thanks so much for this amazing product!

I do know that I've got more bounce when I walk. I can wear clingy shirts with no bra and no self consciousness about it. I did the other day and my husband asked what size bra I was wearing because I was talking about my boobs. When I told him I wasn't wearing one, he was very impressed. It definately has affected my orgasms in a big way and my sex drive is definately stronger. I love Firmestra and I'll be using it as long as I need to.

I was a 36 A and after taking the product for about 3 weeks, began to notice that my breasts were fuller and firmer. By 4 months, I was a full 36 B, which for me seemed like a miracle. It did not affect my periods, nor did I notice any side effects other than my breasts were getting larger. I want to let your new customers know not to be discouraged if they don't see a difference right away. If you give the product at least 3 months to work, you'll see definite changes! Just make sure to follow the directions and keep it up. I am very happy with my breasts and the way they look.

My profession as a topless dancer requires that men are attracted to my boobs. I went from a B cup to a C cup in 5 months! Your product made my boobs full and firm and looking great. Three capsules a day sure beats what I was doing before (using creams and massage twice a day), and I appreciate you recommending it to me. :)


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