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Question 1: Will I experience any adverse side effects while taking Firmestra?
Answer: We have had no reports of negative side effects such as weight gain, acne, or dizziness with this product. A tingling sensation in the breasts may occur as the breasts start to enlarge, and this is natural and indicates that Firmestra is working. Some women experience increased breast sensitivity as their breasts increase in size. If you take Firmestra pills on an empty stomach, you may feel nauseated.

Question 2: How long does it take for Firmestra to work?
Answer: If Firmestra is taken as directed, three capsules daily, most women will experience a feeling of fullness within 30 days, see an increase in firmness by 60 days, and develop a significant increase in size within 90-120 days. Our clinical studies show that women who have lost size and firmness due to pregnancy or menopause obtain fullness and an increase in size more quickly. For many women, libido enhancement (sexual drive) can be felt immediately, and stronger orgasms can be experienced within a week of taking Firmestra.

Question 3: When I stop taking Firmestra will my breasts return to their former size and shape?
Answer: No. Once you are happy with the size and shape of your breasts, you may stop taking Firmestra. You should maintain the size you have achieved permanently, unless you experience drastic weight fluctuations or subsequent pregnancies. Because your breast enlargement is all-natural, time and gravity will affect your breasts normally, and after many years, you may want to take Firmestra again to increase firmness. However, if you're taking Firmestra for enhanced sexual drive or stronger orgasms, you may reduce dosage to one capsule per day. Or, you can take 3 capsules only on those days that you want a burst of libido.

Question 4: Is Firmestra FDA approved?
Answer: Firmestra is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. However, all herbs contained in Firmestra are on the FDA's safe food list (GRAS list). Generally Regarded As Safe.

Question 5: Why did your company include herbs to enhance sex drive in addition to breast enlargement?
Answer: It was actually just an "accident". Women who used Firmestra reported how it seemed to give them a stronger sex drive, and more frequent, stronger orgasms. Our formula is specifically formulated for breast enlargement and the enhanced libido is simply a pleasurable side effect for many women. 

Question 6: Are there any foods I should eat or nutritional supplements should I take to enhance Firmestra's effectiveness? Are there any foods/supplements to avoid?
Answer: Because some of the ingredients in Firmestra are lipophilic in nature, we recommend taking the product with foods that have a high calcium content such as milk or yogurt. If you don't like milk, taking Firmestra with food in general will aid in absorption. Foods that may actually enhance Firmestra are whole grains, such as those found in breads and cereals. Foods to be avoided are those that would increase the acidity of the stomach such as beverages containing caffeine and alcohol.

Question 7: Will Firmestra interfere with birth control pills or shots?
Answer: Firmestra is made with all natural herbal ingredients and will NOT interfere with the effectiveness of any kind of birth control pills or shots. Firmestra was carefully formulated to not interfere with any medication. If you are taking any type of prescription medication, other than birth control, or if you have an existing medical condition, we recommend you consult your physician before taking Firmestra just to be safe.

Question 8: What kind of guarantee does Firmestra offer?
Answer: We offer a full one year guarantee from the date of purchase. Simply email us for instructions for returning your bottles of Firmestra. We will refund you when we receive the returned products. Please allow 3-6 days for refunds to process.

Question 9: Why does Firmestra only require 3 capsules a day, when other products require 6-9?
Answer: Firmestra is formulated with concentrated herbal extracts. For example, we use 10:1 Wild Mexican Yam, which is 10 times stronger than what other breast enlargement pills contain. The same is true for Saw Palmetto, Fenugreek, and other ingredients.

Question 10: Are your testimonials real?
Answer: Our testimonials are taken from feedback forms, clinical study comments, e-mails & letters from our customers. Our testimonials are real and we keep the original documentation with contact data, should any agency need to verify them.

Question 11: Why didn't I receive an email confirmation of purchase?
Answer: We email every customer a confirmation of purchase after you place an order. If you did not receive an email in your inbox, you may need to check your spam/junk folder. Some mail services redirect incoming mail from unknown email addresses to the spam folder. Please check your email periodically for shipping and tracking information.

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